Harlan W. Butt, Metalsmith
Trout Vessel #2Two Toads VesselMountain Sunset Vessel (a)Horny Toad Vessel #2 (a)Green Aspen Vessel (a)Canyon Lizard Vessel #1 (a)Brown Aspen Vessel (a)Blue Jay Vessel #3 (a)Dove Vessel #1 (a)Horny Toad Vessel 3 (a)Painted Turtle Vessel (a)Red Aspen Vessel (a)Red Tail Vessel 2 (a)White Dove Vessel (a)Aspen & Lotus VesselAspen & Lotus Vessel w/ necklaceGoldfinch Vessel 3Goldfinch Vessel 3/w brooch
Smaller Works
These are my most recent works of art. Be sure to visit the Unavailable for Sale page to see many more past pieces I've made.