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Environment Vessel #5: Invasive
Environment Vessel #5: Invasive
copper, enamel, silver
8 x 4 x 4

Enameling processes include cloisonné, ceramic decal, and sifting. Although no environment is pure and unaltered, sometimes when elements from one ecosystem or community are introduced into another without completely understanding their affect, the results may be problematic, or even devastating, to native groups. Decisions based solely on physical traits too often result in conflict. The three flowers pictured on this vessel are Leafy Spurge (native to Europe, toxic to livestock and causes skin irritation), Knapweed (native to Europe, out-competes forage and crops), and Kudzu (native to Japan, spreads and grows over anything in its path).

A haiku etch around the rim reads:

Only humans care,
When we adapt to survive.
Who do we displace?