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Extinction Vessel #2: Ibex
Extinction Vessel #2: Ibex
copper, enamel, silver
9 x 6 x 6

This piece is titled Extinction Vessel #2: Ibex. Pictured on the surface are images of the Pyrenean Ibex, the only species that is said to have gone extinct twice. After being declared extinct in 2000 scientists cloned the Ibex using its DNA with a successful birth, but it died shortly after. It seems especially ironic that an animal pictured in cave paintings from 15,000 BCE was driven to extinction in our lifetime. The vessel is cloisonné enamel over silver foil on copper with sterling silver rim and base. It is nine inches tall and six inches wide. This is the haiku etched around the rim.

Fifteen thousand years,
From Niaux to extinction,
Only shadows left.