Harlan W. Butt, Metalsmith
The earth, its plants and animals, mountains and rivers, inspire me to create. The patterns in my cloisonné represent nature’s repetition in structure and surface. The colors reflect the infinite range of hues that nature offers.
The work offered for sale here is very much like the more extensive pieces I make for exhibitions and collections. I have worked with enamel on metal for over 30 years and have a well-developed sense of craftsmanship. I have also made a conscious effort to make work that is affordable without diminishing what I am trying to express.
Each piece is one-of-a kind or part of a limited edition created in my own studio by myself, sometimes with the help of some students and assistants. All the work is signed by me and dated with the year it was finished.
The vessels that I display on this website that were meant for exhibition or as commissions, while exploring similar themes, were crafted over several weeks, sometimes months, and are often made entirely of silver. A few are still for sale but most are in public or private collections.

-- Harlan W. Butt