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Extinction Vessel #5: Sabatian
Extinction Vessel #5: Sabatian
copper, enamel, wood, feather
9 x 10 x 10

This piece is titled Extinction Vessel #5: Sabastian. The bird pictured is the Carolina Parakeet, once native to the eastern United States, it was declared extinct in 1939. The tree in which the bird is perched is the American Chestnut. Once very common east of the Mississippi, it was all but wiped out by blight accidentally brought into this country from Asia in the early 20th century. The vessel is 9 inches tall and 4 inches wide with 10-inch arrows piercing the body. It is made of copper and enamel with wooden arrows fletched with painted feathers. A haiku etched around the base reads:

Beauty's not enough.
Martyrdom implies a choice;
Nature deserves more.