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The Odyssey Series is composed of ten lidded containers based loosely on Homer’s epic poem. The story parallels Odysseus’ voyage but does not attempt to duplicate it. Homer’s original epic poem inspired me but the journey described in these enameled vessels and the poems imprinted inside are my own.


My fellows on this trek are now all dead.
I myself nearly perished by drowning.
Washed up on this shore I stumbled upon
The sweet and lovely alpha Calypso
With whom I might have stayed forever.
Two weeks each autumn for seven years we mated.
But I could never fully commit myself to her or here.
I still yearned for my home and consort.
My journey is not yet finished.

Odyssey 9 detail
Odyssey Vessel #9: Ogygia
copper, enamel
6 x 5.5 x 5.5