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The Odyssey Series is composed of ten lidded containers based loosely on Homer’s epic poem. The story parallels Odysseus’ voyage but does not attempt to duplicate it. Homer’s original epic poem inspired me but the journey described in these enameled vessels and the poems imprinted inside are my own.


It seems as though the very sun has cursed us.
We halted here to rest and reconnoiter
Upon these pastoral verdant slopes
Where gentle sheep and cattle grazed.
I warned my mates to leave the livestock alone
No matter how hungry we all were.
But no sooner had I left to seek out higher ground
Than they killed a calf and consumed it.
The retribution, I fear, will be swift and harsh.

Odyssey 8 detail
Odyssey Vessel #8: Thrinacia
copper, enamel
6 x 5.5 x 5.5